How to Motivate Recruitment Consultants

“How can I keep my team motivated?”

I get asked this question a lot by recruiting firm owners and recruitment managers and with good reason.  Your employees’ attitude and motivation have a direct impact on their productivity and performance.  And as a leader, it can be frustrating when you feel like you’re giving them all the tools, help and support in the world but your staff members aren’t responding as you would like them to.

Employee engagement and staff motivation are vitally important to your recruitment business success, and are not easily addressed in a 4 minute video. I’ve done my best to answer the question above, but to really do this topic justice we need more time.  I offer coaching, consulting, and training DVDs that show recruitment company directors how to hire and retain a team of motivated, high-performing recruiters.  If you’d like more help on this issue, please Contact me or call +44 131 664 8064.

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